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Interactive Activity Touch Tablets
for Nurseries & Education

Engaging Pupils & Students in Education with Digital Activity Tablets

Our education & nursery interactive activity tables are digital activity tablets that have revolutionised the educational landscape, offering dynamic, personalised, and interactive learning experiences for students of all ages. With a variety of applications and tools, these tablets not only enhance traditional teaching methods but also promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Our touch tables are portable adjustable and utilised the same way as a smartphone or iPad. Each table adjusts vertical to flat and rotates portrait through to landscape.

Every Tiny Tablet comes with a commercial grade screen. Wi-Fi capabilities allow the table to be used anywhere around the Nursery, enabling every child to benefit both in a group activity environment and privately on a one to one basis.

Having the options of USB, HDMI, VGA, USBC and Bluetooth means various devices can be connected to the table, increasing options of use. This can be useful for staff training, presentations and transferring data.

Nursery Interactive Activity Tables

Key Features of Educational Interactive Touchscreen Tables

Educational interactive tablets are a interactive screen intended for use within educational environments. Its features include:

32" / 40″ Interactive Touch Toughened Screen

Portrait / Landscape / Tabletop Use

Android Operating System

Built in Camera

Built-In 8 Hour Battery

Built-In WI-FI

Built in Speakers

10 Point Touch Glass Screen

Bluetooth Capability

Internet Browsing

Brain Training / Collaborative Apps

Multiple Users

Google Play Store Accessibility

Yellow Door EYFS Software*

Durable Screen

Data Saving Option

1 Year Warranty

*All Yellow Door apps are at extra cost.

Tiny Tablet Key Features

  1. Portability: Lightweight and compact, tablets can be easily carried, making them ideal for classroom settings, field trips, or home learning.
  2. Interactive Learning: With touch-screen capabilities, students can interact directly with their content, making the learning experience more engaging.
  3. Diverse Applications: Tablets support a vast array of educational apps that cater to various subjects, from math and science to literature and the arts.
  4. Multimedia Tools: Integration of videos, music, and interactive simulations can help cater to different learning styles.
  5. E-books: With digital textbooks, students have a lighter load to carry, and these e-books often come with interactive features.
  6. Collaboration: Features like screen-sharing, collaborative documents, and communication apps make group projects more efficient.
  7. Assessment & Feedback: Teachers can quickly assess student work, provide real-time feedback, and even conduct quizzes or tests.
  8. Customisation & Personalisation: Depending on the learning pace and style, tablets allow for a personalised learning experience.
  9. Accessibility Features: Tablets come equipped with features to help students with disabilities, like screen readers for the visually impaired or voice input for those with mobility challenges.
Made in Britain

Interactive Tablets & Tables in Education

Classroom Integration: Tablets can be incorporated into the daily curriculum, from research projects to interactive lessons.
Homework & Assignments: Assignments can be given out digitally, and students can submit their work electronically.
Special Education: Customisable apps and features can be tailored to suit the needs of students with specific learning requirements.
Professional Development: Teachers can use tablets for their growth, accessing a plethora of resources, courses, and seminars.
Parental Involvement: Parents can stay updated on their child’s progress and communicate directly with educators.

Digital activity tablets, when integrated effectively into the educational environment, can significantly enhance the learning experience, making it more interactive, personalised, and comprehensive. It’s crucial, however, for institutions to ensure that they provide proper training for educators, maintain cybersecurity measures, and ensure equal access to technology for all students.

Yellow Door EYFS Software

Yellow door EYFS Software is the focal point of our Nursery table providing a unique range of interactive literacy and mathematics resources, implementing the foundations of learning for KSl.

The table offers everything from educational needs for the nursery, right through to games to keep the children proactive and happy. We have partnered up with ‘Yellow Door’ who have developed 20 EYFS curriculum based apps. Each app meets one of the 7 key areas included in the EYFS curriculum. These learning, multi sensory apps not only bring hours of fun, but meet the EYFS guidelines.

Yellow Door is an innovative way of learning and brings a different dynamic to the classroom, making learning a fun, excitable experience for the little ones. At a young age keeping the children fully engaged is challenging, using Yellow Door as well as our standard Tiny Tablet learning apps keeps them occupied and enthusiastic.

Tiny Tabet yd tablet 4

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