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Interactive Touch Screen Tablets for Care Homes

Revolutionising Engagement & Cognitive Stimulation in Care Homes

Care home interactive touch tables are digital activity tables for care homes that can be an excellent way to engage residents, especially those with dementia or cognitive challenges. These tables, often resembling large touch screen tablets, are set on a horizontal or slightly inclined surface that multiple people can gather around. They provide a wide range of interactive activities designed for entertainment, cognitive stimulation, and social interaction.

Care Home Interactive Touch Tables

Fixed Height Interactive Touch Screen Tablets

Adjustable Height Interactive Touch Screen Tablets

Fixed Height & Adjustable height 40" Care Home Interactive Touch Screen Display

Care Home Interactive Touch Tables are an interactive screen intended for use within care homes and care environments.

Features include:

Adjustable or Fixed Height

40″ Interactive Touch Screen

Portrait / Landscape / Tabletop Use

Android Operating System

Built in Camera

Built-In 6 Hour Battery

Built-In WI-FI

Built in Speakers

Video Calling

Bluetooth Capability

Internet Browsing

Films & Catch Up TV

Brain Training / Collaborative Apps

Multiple Users

Google Play Store Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible

Durable Screen

Screenshot Function

Data Saving Option

1 Year Warranty

Care Home Activity Tablets

Tiny Tablet Benefits

  1.  Cognitive Stimulation: Many games and activities are designed to stimulate the brain, improving memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.
  2. Social Interaction: Multiple users can play games or interact with the applications simultaneously, promoting social interaction.
  3. Physical Activity: Some applications promote gentle physical activity, such as moving hands across the table.
  4. Customisation: Some tables can be customised with personal photos, music, or videos, making them more familiar and comforting to residents.
  5. Safety and Ease of Use: A digital activity table often has intuitive interfaces and is safe for elderly users without the small parts that can be choking hazards.
Made in Britain

Popular Care Home Tiny Tablet Activities

Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles, word searches, and other brain games.

Artistic Activities: Painting, drawing, and colouring.

Memory Games: Matching pairs, sequence memory games, etc.

Music: Interactive music apps where residents can create tunes or listen to old favourites.

Interactive Stories: Narrated stories where users can interact with the narrative.

Physical Games: Games that require hand movement, tracking objects, etc.

Nature and Virtual Exploration: Virtual tours of gardens, oceans, and other calming natural environments.

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