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Tiny Tablet - Interactive Touch Screen Tables

MAKING CARE INCLUSIVE... Optimise Communication... & Maximise Presentations!

Interactive touch screen tables enhancing care homes, nurseries, schools, corporate & manufacturing environments, optimising communication, work and play

Interactive Touch Screen Tables for Care Homes

Care Homes

A digital activity table for care homes can be an excellent way to engage residents, especially those with dementia or cognitive challenges.

Interactive Touch Screen Tables for Corporate and Business Environments


The Tiny Tablet Corporate World solution is a 55” 4K interactive touch screen display.

Interactive Touch Screen Tables for Nursery and Education


Interactive touch screen tables & tablets have revolutionised the educational landscape, offering dynamic, personalised, and interactive learning experiences for students of all ages.

Interactive Touch Screen Tables for Manufacturing


In the age of Industry 4.0, the integration of digital tablets into manufacturing processes has become increasingly prevalent.

Touch Screen Tables & Tablets for Care Homes, Nurseries, Corporate & Business & Manufacturing.

Enhance Collaboration

Our business meeting tables engage your team, inspires new ideas and builds consensus.

Optimise Communication

The Tiny Tablet is the perfect tool for teamwork, virtual teams & conference calls.

Maximise Interaction

A highly interactive touch screen display with over 1000 free app's to maximise your presentations.

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6 Years of Touch-Screen Technology Market Experience

Tiny Tablet builds and supplies interactive touch tables for care homes, education, manufacturing, corporate business meetings, communication & presentations. With our full range of interactive touchscreen tables, we provide easy-to-use solutions that enhance classrooms, care homes & the overall boardroom experience with touchscreen hardware.

Tiny Tablet has a strong reputation for providing high-quality multi-touch table products that deliver superior value across various industries including both public & private organisations.


We Aim To Simplify Touchscreen Technology & Make Communication, interaction & Collaboration Effortless.

Nursery Table in landscape position
Tiny Tablets Nursery Table
Tiny Tablet Care Homes Tables
Tiny Tablets Table

Easy & Simple to Use Display

Digital solutions that require very little training, installation or maintenance.

Latest Android Software

Your table is delivered Windows ready with the latest Android software installed.

Easy To Clean Display

All our displays have easy-clean surfaces to protect against dirt & germs.

Bluetooth, WI-FI & HDMI Connectivity

Digital solutions & mobile devices have transformed the business world’s expectations.

1000's of Compatible Apps Inc Microsoft Teams & Zoom

Our innovative multitouch technology combines powerful collaboration tools with large format and highly responsive multi-touch displays.

Fully Portable with 8 Hour Battery Life

Each multi-touch table is a fully portable mobile device with enough power to get your users through the day.


Our Working Process


Request a Quote

Reach out... We have the technology and industry expertise to develop solutions that can connect people and businesses across variety of mobile devices.


Delivery & Training

We are a UK based company that values customer service. We can ship worldwide or to any location. Reach out for more information.


3 Years Warranty & Support

We offer support to all our customers for 3-years as standard. Struggling with the technology or with user interaction? Just message for help.

Made in Britain

What Users of Our Interactive Touch Screen Tables Say

Tiny Tablets Touch Screen Tables
Our Experience

Our Team

The team at Tiny Tablet is an eclectic mix of personality types, talents and skills. We all have diverse backgrounds, but share one goal: create quality products for our customers.

We're dedicated to improving team effectiveness through multi touch display technologies and open-source software by providing cutting-edge touch screen electronics that are both beautiful and functional. Message now for further information.

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5* Reviews
Would Recommend Tiny Tablet to Others
Return Customers
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